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Clinical Key

ClinicalKey - The World’s First Clinical Insight Engine


ClinicalKey is a dynamic clinical resource designed to provide physicians with fast, clinically-relevant answers from Elsevier’s enormous library of proprietary medical and surgical content. ClinicalKey was built specifically to meet the search needs of physicians that a clinical resource be comprehensive, trusted, and fast.


Comprehensive clinical content

    ClinicalKey serves the information needs of every medical and surgical specialty by bringing together an impressive array of content from Elsevier and trusted third parties including over 1,000 books, 500 journals, thousands of videos, and millions of images. Plus, ClinicalKey gives physicians access to trusted point-of-care content from First Consult.


    Trusted content

    One of the problems physicians face when looking for information is the need to verify an answer by going to more than one source; a process that wastes valuable time they could use to help patients. With answers from Elsevier, physicians can trust the information they find on ClinicalKey the first time and stop wasting time searching multiple sources.


Speed to answer

    When it comes to the needs of clinicians, a wealth of content is really only as valuable as the insights it provides. That’s why the true advantage of ClinicalKey is the speed at which it delivers clinically-relevant answers to physicians from that expansive amount of content.


That speed comes from the proprietary and technologically advanced search functionality behind the scenes starting with EMMeT. EMMeT stands for Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy and it’s a new, proprietary taxonomy created exclusively for ClinicalKey that combines the prevailing medical taxonomies today into a single comprehensive resource.


Using EMMeT, each piece of content on ClinicalKey is mapped against this taxonomy to create Smart Content. This Smart Content enrichment is what makes the difference when a physician sits down to search ClinicalKey. EMMeT and this Smart Content powers ClinicalKey to deliver the most clinically relevant answer and provide search results and content related to a query that other resources might have missed.


The power of ClinicalKey’s search and the speed to answer it provides make ClinicalKey a revolutionary clinical resource for today’s physicians.