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American Journal of Occupational Therapy


The American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT) is an official publication of the American Occupational Therapy Association, which represents the professional interests and concerns of more than 140,000 occupational therapists, assistants, and students nationwide. It is a peer-reviewed publication focusing on research examining the effectiveness and efficiency of occupational therapy practice so that occupational therapy and other health care professionals can make informed, evidence-based decisions in their practice. In addition, the journal aims to publish research documenting the reliability and validity of occupational therapy instruments; studies demonstrating a relationship between occupational engagement and the facilitation of community participation and health; and articles that provide a forum for scholars to debate professional issues that affect education, practice, and research.

AJOT publishes six times a year in print and online and has an additional online supplement at the end of each calendar year. Articles cover topics such as children and youth; mental health; rehabilitation, disability, and participation; productive aging; health and wellness; work and industry; education; and professional issues. Recent special issues include sensory processing and sensory integration, older driver and community mobility, and traumatic brain injury/stroke.